CRLNSWTZ – Basic Submission

Basic Submission is a short story. A billowy epic about loss, told in twenty minutes. Electribe chirps sing inside the rhythmic tropes of past decades.

When the Belleville Three pieced together Alleys of Your Mind, their rhythms were simple. When the young Dutch zipped up their L’Alpina tracksuits, their actions were unrehearsed. Before it was EDM, electronic music was a parapet behind which the underground could duck the fire of the mainstream. It was the runt obscure.

But we had always been silly sacks of watered meat. Our cultural identities have always existed in a space that encompasses us but is effectively extraplanar. One human life is like the thoughtless process of mitochondria.

From our basic acts, new lifeforms are born above us. They grow and die as our greater children, but we two species will never have the capacity to converse.

Mastered at Manmade Mastering

Copyright © 2016 DeEssex
Released: 11-15-2016
DeEssex catalogue: CSX1
All songs written, produced by Andy Mascaro
All rights reserved
  1. 5:16Red Collar
  2. 3:13Sibilance (10k)
  3. 5:27Our Razorbelt
  4. 3:26Finger Trip
  5. 4:27Energiehal

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Red Collar – Live