Justice Is Blind, the State Kind.

Justice Is Blind, the State Kind.

But the body never built a brain with safety from its frame,
the neanderthal and the soon-to-

I wanted to create a jolt of mean, manic techno and it came out like this. More rock- and house-inspired than I originally intended but Bolthead remained fairly teethy.

Forward March is a namesake from the Pat Metheny. His is light years more sophisticated, but mine is quite a bit louder, making it qualified to compete in the year 2017, evidently.

On Centennial we knock our histories down the stairwell – founding wisdom, ethnic scars, they all must go at some point.

Cactus Arms, in the Deadly Desert, frozen figures stolen away into the black, cement forever inside the Earth.

Copyright © 2017 deEssex
Released: 3-28-2017
deEssex catalogue: CSX02
All songs written, produced by Andy Mascaro
All rights reserved
  1. 5:56Bolthead
  2. 4:30Tan
  3. 3:37Forward March
  4. 6:21Centennial
  5. 4:08Mandrake
  6. 5:03Cactus Arms