Turnstile Clinic

Carolyne how many times do I have to tell you to stop creeping up on me like tha-

But instead of the 2010 vintage, 3-slots-full, 3-slots-empty API lunchbox that comprised the chest of the 2-meter binary beast, stood an ironed polyester black tie and trousers—the neatly sloppy irony of the goddamned Japanese G-men.

Nice suit, cock suc- THUD.

Sweet blackness. No more need. It all comes to this…the pleasantries of knowing nothing in the solace of an empty space. Shit. Not now. Need to get out

Sucker! Ow. Christ. Owwww. Crypto narc dick. No sense of humor. Karate mother f— Shit, where am I? …Moving …Back of a van …Not again.

Another stint in Yoshitomo. Another month in the shadow of fluorescence. The Turnstile Clinic.

Seriously…you need to stop getting caught,

Yuong? Miss Yuong? Is that your name?
It says here, Yun Yuong. Is it right?

Just Yun, Young Miss.

And why’s that, I think it’s cute! Your name is like an alliteration and a hominism and a

Malapropism too now it would seem. You see Young Miss, my name is Yun. Just Yun. Yun, is your friend. Yun helps you get from August 1st, 2029 to August 31st, 2029. Yun asks you for permission to pee. Yun eats the slime that shows up labeled peas. Yun might even smile at you if she’s feeling exceptionally tolerant. See? Ding.

But Yun Yuong is not your friend. Yun Yuong pees on the cats. Yun Yuong shits pea slime on the television. Yun Yuong had her molars sharpened at the Yakishomi dentist. And most importantly for you, Yun Yuong rewires the geo-pos on Young Miss’s kitty-chan mobile while she is predisposed cleaning up various excrement off various peripherals to leak a near-field gamma pulse every time takes a selfie, slowly whittling out pores in Young Miss’s brain cells and by the end of August 31st, 2029 Young Miss will have the first, faint bloody nose that begins a year-long descent into followed by a much shorter surrendering to brain cancer.

You see Young Miss, Yun Yuong Kills.
But I’m Yun.

So if that pantone white neck of yours ever wants to see the inside of another Rococo frock, spill the pills, fill out the forms, and stay out of my way.


Copyright © 2017 deEssex
Released: 8-1-2017
deEssex catalogue: CSX03
All songs written, produced by Andy Mascaro
All rights reserved
  1. 7:19Turnstile Clinic
  2. 3:45Calmative

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