This label, deEssex

This label, deEssex, is an artistic scaffolding I use to package music and visuals. As an American, the Anglosphere has encompassed every idea I’ve ever had. My thoughts are ghostily and unwillingly governed both by some untraceable Saxon/Frankish/Teuton will, while simultaneously shifted by my own certainty with which I can claim that they are. Everything I do is either a continuation of these ancestors’ urges or, more globally speaking, the product of products in the mass equation that they were also bred from. I, as a person with an American viewpoint, am operating within the frame of reference of those people who devolved from the prism of the mouth of the Thames, sailing Westward, across the blanket Sea, leaving Essex County.

Rather than release individual islands of audio, I use the label to collect disparate ideas. This way, each entity can have a unique identity, but still exist within a collective, long-form thought.

I’m Andy Mascaro. Contact me here.

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