Zausage – Everyone Is Gross Up Close

Everyone Is Gross Up Close is an outgrowth. It’s not engineered like other albums. The collection is entirely made by layering ideas on top of each other instead of spending time balancing.
If a song gets its feel from unadulteratedly slamming against the master compressor, so be it. The mushiness becomes an instrument if you stop caring about what the right thing to do is.
Nothing is like being right up next to another person. The detail of proximity is stressing. So that’s pretty much what Everyone Is Gross Up Close is all about, putting ideas right up in your face.

This work is Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike

Copyright © 2016 DeEssex
Released: 2-2-2016
DeEssex catalogue: ZGX0
All songs written, produced by Andy Mascaro
Some rights reserved – CC [BY NC SA]


“Soirée at Chet’s” is a short movie set to “Cotton Coffin,” from Everyone Is Gross Up Close.

It’s a story of misplaced identity and also having your girlfriend won over by a building.
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