Too Many Secrets Marty McFly

The implicitness of time devalues scale.

To the human eye, past events must always be viewed 2-dimensionally, whereas our projections of the unknown are invariably fluid. The happened is unmitigable and the upcoming is manageable. Our fear of bot-controlled living is evidence of that—an allergic reaction to the implied upheaval of such obvious duality. We very much don’t enjoy looking at a future that is 2-dimensional.

In concordance to that general process, the specific notion of hope, which is sewn soundly to futurism, is deflationary. It thrives in the realm of the upcoming, and, naturally, spoils in the books of record.

Every moment a deception passes through the instant of now is a victory for those holding the cards, because the would-be value loss of revealing future secrecy is always a factor greater than the value lost when an already completed covert action is uncloseted.

So, as events pass through the prism of occurrence, they change weight. Or rather, their once weight is obliterated. When heretofore we had hold on the fact of star travel, we grip galaxies stamped on children’s marbles only.

But also, the reverse.

The power gate of the instant goes both ways. The biggest weapon against secrecy is the flywheel of narrative. In refracting the convictions of the past through to the anticipation of the future, their weight is automatically amplified by the system.

So, while today we trade marbles, we can be assured tomorrow those marbles will be galaxies. An effective futurist’s job is to point out the bad ones, marbles may they be.

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Copyright © 2017 deEssex
Released: 1-25-2017
deEssex catalogue: ZGX02
All songs written, produced by Andy Mascaro
Some rights reserved – CC [BY NC SA]
  1. 4:02Seven Sisters
  2. 4:41Teflon
  3. 2:43Is it Raining, Is it Snowing
  4. 5:07The 4th Wave
  5. 2:34Jam
  6. 5:19P-Funk Astronomy
  7. 3:24Ball Players of Earth
  8. 4:15Nebuloop
  9. 7:13Keratin
  10. 4:40Nicocus Copernilaus

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