Zausage – YUMMY!

YUMMY! is an intensely melodic while schizophrenically percussive album of acoustic and electronic sounds. Much of the material is adapted or warped from Everyone Is Gross Up Close but where EIGUC is soupy and thick, YUMMY! carves hard lines into its grooves.

Listeners will notice right away that the album doesn’t fully fit inside the Electronic genre. (“She Sting” opens on an acoustic guitar riff after all.) But with its aggressive cuts and wild style, it aligns much more with the culture of Electronic, and the ultra-gain kick fade out on “Lake Erie” is simply pure.

This work is Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike

Copyright © 2016 DeEssex
Released: 8-19-2016
DeEssex catalogue: ZGX1
All songs written, produced by Andy Mascaro
Some rights reserved – CC [BY NC SA]
  1. 3:42She Sting
  2. 2:49Cotton Shoebox
  3. 3:49Pugg’s Cold Chowder
  4. 4:23Make Coffee, No Tea
  5. 2:55“Watch My Ad”
  6. 5:00Kneel
  7. 7:00Lake Erie

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Pugg’s Cold Chowder